E912 Half Cardioid Boundary Microphone (White )

E912 Half Cardioid Boundary Microphone (White )
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The e 912 is a pre-polarized condenser boundary microphone with half-cardioid pick-up pattern. Its acoustic properties have been optimized for instruments, vocals and speech. The e 912 is an ideal choice for pianos, theatre and opera productions, conference applications, altars and lecterns.

The Sennheiser E912 is a pre-polarized boundary microphone optimized for speech and instrument pick up. Its half-cardioid condenser element is ideal for capturing theater productions, discussions in board rooms, conferences and more. The E912 features a compact, flat profile ideal for pianos and other instrument best captured while surface mounted. An integrated preamplifier provides a standard gold-plated XLR output right from the microphone.

Optimized Frequency and Sensitivity Response
The wide frequency response and sensitivity are ideal for capturing both vocals and instruments.

Low Profile
Its unobtrusive, low profile design is ideal for stage and piano mounting.

Shock Absorbing Base
Shock absorbing base minimizes noise due to residual vibration.

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